Sindeep Aekonirus

Dashing captain and would be Rogue Trader

Stat Rating Advances Spent Next Cost
WS 31 100
BS 45 ** 750 750
Strength 34 500
Toughness 43 * 500 750
Agility 54 * * * 1500 1000
Intelligence 44 ** 350 500
Perception 50 ** 750 750
Will Power 40 ** 750 750
Fellowship 73 * * * * 1600 -

HP: 10

Acrobatics Agi 200
Awareness +20 Per 500
Blather Fel 200
Charm+20 Fel 400
Cipher: Rogue Trader Int 100
Command+20 Fel 400
Commerce+20 Fel 400
Common Lore: Rogue Trader Int
Common Lore: Imperium Int
Common Lore: Koronus Expanse Int 200
Deceive +10 Fel 400
Dodge + 20 Agi 500
Evaluate Int
Forbidden Lore: Xenos Int 200
Inquiry Fel
Intimidate Str/Int/Fel 200
Literacy Int
Pilot: Space Craft +10 Agi 300
Security Agi 200
Scholastic Lore: Astromancy Int
Scholastic Lore: Legends Int 200
Scrutiny Per 200
Secret Tongue: Rogue Trader Int 100
Speak: Eldar Int 200
Speak: Ork Int 200
Speak: High Gothic Int
Speak: Low Gothic Int
Speak: Trader’s Cant Int 100
Tech-Use Int 200

Peer: Nobility
Peer: Governments
Peer: Academics
Peer: Underworld
Peer: Voidborn
Peer: Administratum
Peer: Adeptus Mechanicus – 200
Peer: Ecclesiarchy – 200
Talented: Pilot Spacecraft
Air of Authority
Melee Weapons (Universal)
Pistols (Universal)
Iron Discipline – 200
Resistance (Fear) – 200
Foresight – 200
Into the Jaws of Hell – 500
Jaded – 200
Ambidexterity – 200
Two-Weapon Fighting (Ballistic) – 500
Gunslinger – 500
Sound Constitution x 2 – 400
Sprint – 500
Master & Commander – 500
Renowned Warrant – 200

Total XP: 21500
Unspent: 600


Sindeep was born to a passing fling of his Lord father’s with the Maharani of Murghal IX. As the seventh child of the great monarch, he was educated in preparation for taking a position in the Administratum. Whilst far from an academic prodigy, he had a quick enough mind and swiftly worked out how to befriend those amongst his classmates who really did show genius. However on a night out after his 21st birthday Sindeep was kidnapped by a group of disreputable voidborn, who smuggled him aboard their ship and forced him to work in the bowels of the vessel. He laboured for 2 years, constantly shifted from position to position by his captors who seemed dead set on keeping a close eye on him. He bided his time, made friends across the ship and eventually made a bid for freedom, getting as far as one of the ship’s shuttles before the vessel’s armsmen captured him. Dragged before the captain, Sindeep was surprised when the woman grinned at his escapades, and handed him the ship’s control rod, explaining that he had now met the conditions to be gifted his father’s birthday present.

Sindeep was furious at Marlovan for years, but the experience had toughened him up and instilled him with an affection for the ship and its crew. Not much inclined to return to Murghal now that the galaxy lay before him, Sindeep has been running cargo at bargain prices for governments and criminals alike, building up a stock of political capital that he hopes will help him deal with his more martially (and materially) gifted siblings.

Sindeep Aekonirus

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